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4 Great Ways to Boost Your Video Content Conversion

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March 18, 2021

4 Great Ways to Boost Your Video Content Conversion

4 Great Ways to Boost Your Video Content Conversion

Whether it’s a part of your marketing strategy or simply the easiest way to introduce your products or services to the masses, video is an entertaining and very underused tool to attract new and keep the old clients’ attention.

Suppose you decide to involve this type of media in your presentation. In that case, you should know that creating a video itself is not enough to achieve your goal – see what you should pay attention to if you want to have video content that can meet the expected conversion rate.

4 Ways to Boost Video Conversion Rate

Use Pattern Interrupts

Pattern interrupts are extremely effective psychological levers that can instantly change behaviour, opinions, and decisions because they make people more receptive to your message. There is a whole science behind it, but what you should know is that pattern interrupts help you create deeper interactions and prevent viewers from becoming bored. It’s also a great way of introducing new ideas and presenting more of your offer, as the viewer is paying more attention to what you have to say. The more people are interested in your video content, the better your rankings on search results pages will be, and your conversion rate will increase accordingly.

If Possible, Include Lead Capture Form

You may not know this, but there are companies whose software solutions allow you to insert a lead capture form wherever you find it suitable in your video. You can gate your video content or decide on giving the viewer a chance to subscribe and receive future content from your company. If you go with the first option, have in mind that Wistia, one of the companies that offer this feature, did the research that showed lead captures put within the first 10-20% of the video had the highest conversion rates.

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Make Your Thumbnail Appealing

There’s a lot of psychology behind this too. The studies have shown that people will be more interested in opening a video if they see a smiling person on a thumbnail rather than automatically generated blurry pictures or much text. A smile is almost internationally a symbol of friendliness and openness and is taken as a means to increase the attractiveness of a subject, which leads to sales growth. Wishpond experiment with two pictures showed that the smiling image increased a software company’s profits by more than 10%! Take your time to create a welcoming thumbnail, and be sure that the most positive part of your video is the part that everyone sees.

Promote Your Videos

This is no brand new information and we all know this, but setting aside the budget for promoting your videos is recommendable. Include video content in your marketing plan; use social networks, your email list, and paid advertising to achieve the conversion rate. It doesn’t have to be the big spend – start small, follow the results, and continue accordingly.

Wrapping It Up

Video content can help clients better understand what you have to offer, and it’s a great way of building trust all the way through the funnel, but if you want your video conversion rate to meet the target, read carefully into these tips so you can animate the viewer and make them find out more about your business.

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