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Modern advertising agencies are nothing like the old school agencies since they deal with more complex aspects of advertising. Advertising agencies create, plan, and manage all aspects of a client’s advertising. These agencies specialize in areas such as interactive advertising or can be full-service agencies that create advertising materials such as websites, brochures, online and social campaigns, direct mails, catalogs, radio ads, print ads, sales letters, TV commercials and more. The best ad agency will provide expertise in marketing, programming, branding, and media buying. Read on to find out the necessary steps to landing your ad agency.

Avant Communication

The future of integrated marketing communication.

Trivium Concepts

Connecting the Fierce.

Summit Digital Development

Affordable Web Design and Development Company UAE

Resala Advertising

Advertising & Publicity in Abu Dhabi.

Panama Advertising & Designing

Advertising, Marketing & Events in Sharjah.

Yellow Branding

Building Brighter Brands


We Help You Tell Your Story.

ERA Advertising & Communications

Dubai Advertising & Communications.

GI – Grafik International

We Will Be Your Strong Creative Arm.


We Aim To Deliver Exceptional Branding Designs.

Stream Advertising

Digital Printing Exhibition & Events Branding.

How to Choose an Advertising Agency

Important factors to consider when selecting an agency
  1. Evaluate Your Needs

The first step is putting together a list of attributes that you would want in your advertising agency. According to your needs, you may require an award-winning creative or a boutique agency that is perfect for personalized services. Working with an advertising agency enables you to check on the progress of the project regularly.

  1. Make a Shortlist

Once you are familiar with the features of your ideal advertising agency, you can go ahead and conduct a Google search and list the top 8-10 advertising companies. You can go ahead and ask executives in your company or your professional network for any suggestions of the best advertising agencies. To conduct some preliminary research on the agencies that you have selected, it is advisable that you visit their websites or contact them directly. It is essential to consider those agencies that sell themselves through their website since this is the best place to show what they can do for their clients.

  1. Request for Proposal

After shortlisting several advertising companies, you now need to come up with the actual RFP. The basic elements of this document include the background of your company, your goals, length of the contract, and the budget for the project. These are the areas of an RFP that help you and the advertising agents know if you are perfect matches. It is also important to request similar details from the advertising agencies so that you can get familiar with them.

  1. Distribute the RFP to the Qualified Firms

After narrowing down to a few firms, it is time to send out the RFP to those that made it to your shortlist and vetting process. Send out an email with the relevant questions to all the firms before deciding on the ones to call in. Ensure that all the agencies return an email with the relevant answers after a week or so.

  1. Rank the Submissions

After the proposals are sent back in by the agencies, go ahead and review them. Some of them will self-eliminate for simply not meeting the standards you set. You may send back questions for some agencies before deciding on whether to call them in.

  1. In-Person Presentations

After ending up with a list of those that you feel are most qualified, call them in for an in-person meeting at your company premises. Let them have a presentation of what they can do. In the process, you get to meet your potential ad agency partner. Depending on the presentations, pick on one agency that meets your expectations.


Advertising agencies are responsible for spreading the word about a company to potential clients and customers. They deal with the creation of advertising materials such as brochures, TV commercials, and other print advertisements. When choosing the right ad agency for you, make sure you meet the representatives for an up-close meeting to determine whether they are the right fit for your company.

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