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Customer Reviews Can Increase the Impact of Your SEO Efforts

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March 18, 2022

Customer Reviews Can Increase the Impact of Your SEO Efforts

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Every business has a reputation – good or bad, and these perceived opinions have a tremendous impact on Organic SEO ranking, especially local SEO. Any business in the United States is likely to rank higher if listed in all main local business directories and frequently receives positive mentions from local news outlets.

Also, how you respond to customer reviews can make or break your SEO. That means the reviews section of your web pages is very important.

Consumer Satisfaction Reviews- More Profound Than They Look


Your customers majorly rely on customer reviews. About 90 percent always check reviews, while 84 percent trust the ratings. Ninety-three percent will use customer ratings as a decision-making tool. That makes client reviews a crucial deciding factor. Not only do they drive sales, but written reviews also shape opinions and perceptions about your business. Before a potential client schedules a call or presses the buy button, they read reviews first.

Many quality reviews can boost your company’s local ranking in search engines. For any given query, Google displays the top three most fitting businesses. If someone searches for a business similar to yours in your locality, Google will use the customer ratings as a determinant to rank companies in top spots.

Other uses include:

·        Important in improving SEO – quality reviews mean higher stars, which may mean more clicks. The concept here is that customers choose your site over the competition. Google realizes people choose you, you are trusted, and therefore, they will direct traffic to your web pages. Also, you can leverage classy reviews to leverage rankings for targeted keywords, foster social media engagement, and lower bounce rates.

·        It is a conversion factor – a higher positive rating on your website leads to higher online traffic, which means higher conversion.

·        Building trust – any brand that wants to build trust should take care of customer reviews. This selling and marketing tool can help eliminate guesswork, improve transparency and develop magnetic messaging. Ask for feedback, talk to your clients, and listen in – that’s how to build your brand.

Don’t Ignore Third-Party Reviews.


Search engines, including Google, use off-site signals to determine your business’s authority, relevancy, and trustworthiness. Reviews can help you build up a solid online presence while adhering to all three factors. 

One of the most unvarying avenues marketers can leverage to advance off-site signals is customer reviews. But you need an advanced marketing company like impacting – check out impact marketing reviews for details.

Typically, they are trust signals, and they augment SEO ranking. You can:

                  i.          Be active on social media

                  ii.          Build backlinks, or

                  iii.          Create a profile on third-party review platforms

These Off-site SEO actions can help enhance search rankings for your company. You can seek help from SEO agency for small business to build a standout profile.

Remember, third-party directories are more influential today over search rankings. Some brands on these directories rank higher than business websites. Google algorithm may change, but customer rating won’t. Research indicates that third-party reviews carry 50+ percent of the weight of the ranking factor.

Client Reviews Can Generate Referral Traffic


It is not surprising that when you are looking for reviews of a particular brand, several third-part review sites pop up at the top of the search results. Therefore, when you append your business profile on a third-party site, you stand a chance of benefiting from a tremendous spike in referral traffic.

Third-party review websites have a higher trust level and authority, enabling business ratings to take advantage of their higher rankings. When you focus on referral traffics, you can reinforce your search engine optimization efforts by setting up a robust flow of potential customers, plus organic traffic.

Referral traffic is highly neglected, probably because it is a freesource of qualified leads. If you pay attention to referral traffic, it can give you a competitive edge. Besides, it can better organic search performance. For instance, impact marketing reviews and ratings depict it as a trustworthy marketing agency.

Use Your Homepage’s Reviews Section Often


Reviews from clients are a source of content. When you display such reviews on your website, you variegate your content while appending relevant text. These actions can add to a better organic page ranking. It is important to write customer satisfaction reviews on the home page or key landing pages. The process is easy – use review widgets.

Post it on your home page review section whenever a customer writes a review. This addition has a huge impact on the frequency of your web pages appearing in organic search results. Reviews boost the text amount on different web pages, and the additional text messages make the web page more invaluable in Google’s eyes as you are providing more context concerning what the page covers and whether it should surface for a specified user search query.

Keep in mind that Google will always want to present the most reputable search outcomes to deliver the best experience to its users.

Product Reviews are Vital For Review Snippet In Organic Search


Star review ratings offer a visual representation of your company’s average rating. They typically are symbols that appear in SERPs, and they help shape searchers’ trust. While this feature used to be uncommon in the past, today, Google allows all site owners to display their ratings using schema markup.

On search results, you will see shiny gold stars. These starts on your listing attract attention to your product pages and boost click through rates by close to 35 percent. Therefore, collecting these product reviews might help you qualify for review snippets in organic searches.

Most marketers always undermine the importance of start rating for organic search listings. Usually, they opt for paid listings when they think about search results and star ratings. However, the truth is that you can earn star ratings on your organic search listings. This might appeal to customers who are less interested in clicking on an ad.


Without a doubt, reviews impact your reputation and brand persona. Negative, positive, or lack of reviews affect your SEO. Regardless of the type of review you get, it is important to respond to them tactically and promptly. Both good and bad user reviews are vital for your SEO strategy. Both of them inform Google that you are a real legitimate business.

Google is intelligent as it understands reviews similarly to searchers. Positive reviews inform Google your business; web pages are high quality and value. This explains why businesses appearing top on Google have high volumes of quality reviews first.


Correctly handling satisfaction reviews can improve SEO efforts and boost search rankings. Regardless of the type of review you receive, always use it to your advantage.

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