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6 Best Social Media Video Marketing Strategies

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February 26, 2022

6 Best Social Media Video Marketing Strategies

Best Social Media Video Marketing Strategies

Video is a powerful means of linking all your customers and aligning them with your marketing campaigns. The number of people who watch videos online has increased exponentially.

The chances of your content reaching your audience faster and more efficiently are greatly increased if you put it in video form. Video can empower your social media marketing campaigns most effectively.

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The Benefits of Videos in Social Media Marketing

You can get many benefits by using videos in your social media marketing campaigns. Here are a few advantages of using video in social media marketing:

Promotes Your Brand

If you don’t promote your brand adequately, you cannot reach your target audience and fail to achieve your marketing goals. You can best describe your brand in video form and pack a lot of information into a short video to educate people about your brand.

Enables You to Tell Your Story

It is often difficult to put your ideas and info about yourself into written content. You can tell your audience about yourself, your company, and the brand behind it much better in a video.

Good for SEO

When you use videos in your social media marketing campaigns, it improves search engine optimization (SEO), improving your search rankings in all your content.

Gives You Access to New Audiences

Videos attract eyeballs. Therefore, when you put your videos out there with attractive visuals and interesting information, you can attract new audiences. It gives better exposure to your brand, products, and services.

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Videos Increase Conversions

Videos can motivate customers to buy your products. The primary purpose of a social media marketing campaign is to convince people to buy your products and services. Videos play a prominent role in getting you conversions.

Best Video Marketing Strategies

You now have an idea about how videos can help you in your social media marketing. Here are six tried and tested video marketing strategies you can use in your marketing campaigns:

#1 Define Your Goals

You need to ask yourself what you want your video to accomplish in the beginning. You need to make videos that align with your products or services, your brand, and what it stands for.

If you are starting, keep your goals simple and achievable. If you are an established company, you may have multiple more complex goals. A good way of identifying your goals is to decide which stage of the sales funnel you want your videos to appear.

A typical sales funnel consists of the following stages:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Loyalty
  • Advocacy

You can place your videos at any stage or all stages of the sales funnel.

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#2 Choose Your Video Types

Now that you’ve defined your goals and decided where in the sales funnel you want them to feature, you need to decide what type of videos to use. There are multiple types of videos from which to choose, and it is important to select the best-suited type for your brand.

Educational Videos

These videos provide information. They can be targeted at existing or new customers.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos     

Here the viewers get a sneak peek into how the product or service is produced. They may also get to see footage of your employees and your facilities.

Interview Videos

Guest speakers may feature in these videos. They will provide expert opinions and will perhaps endorse your product.

Entertainment Videos

These videos show the lighter side of the subject matter with jokes, funny video shots, and quirky images. You can insert the element of your brand in a subtle way in such videos.

Testimonial Videos

Here, satisfied customers talk about the benefits of your product or service and how it helped them.

Create Animated Videos

Animated videos offer multiple advantages. You can do anything with these videos. You can make water flow upwards, turn ice into the fire, or make inanimate objects speak.

You can also take an abstract idea and create a whole series of images and video sequences based on the idea.

If you make animated videos, you can create the right tone without having to deal with various lighting effects, camera angles, and other physical technicalities.

Animated videos are easy to produce single handedly from a PC or laptop without requiring a studio, video equipment, and live actors.

#3 Short or Long Videos?

Video length is also an important aspect to consider. Sometimes you need to use short videos, and at other times long videos are required.

For example, when you feature technical products with unique benefits, you can make a longer video explaining how they work and their benefits. You can also add some interesting background information.

Then, there are short videos where you can restrict your footage to a few seconds. For example, a video featuring a brand of ice cream could cover some attractive video footage of the product.

It could show a close-up of the product and a person enjoying the ice cream, ending with a screenshot of the range of products on offer. Such videos need only be a few seconds long, but they can deliver a powerful message in those few seconds.

#4 Select Platforms to Use

Where are you going to feature your videos? You need to consider the platforms where you want to feature them. First, choose the most popular social media platforms to get maximum coverage.

Even after deciding on the platforms to showcase your videos, you need to consider the formats and features. Each platform has different features and formats that you should know.

For example, you may want to consider the orientation of your videos (landscape or portrait). Then, you would have to consider other features like live streaming, disappearing content, and so on.

Some platforms accommodate long-form content, but others do not. So, video length is also a prime consideration here.

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#5 Don’t Neglect Post-Production

After shooting your video, post-production is the next important activity that you should not neglect.

Some videos need more post-production editing than others. But when you talk about post-production, it doesn’t just mean chopping up a few video grabs, putting them back together, and adding a bit of music.

You need to add many embellishments like text, captions, subtitles, CTA buttons, and more.

Last but not least, you need to optimize your videos, particularly if you are uploading them on YouTube. Apply search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to your videos.

Use the right keywords, write suitable video descriptions, add snippets, and customize your thumbnails. These are all good SEO techniques for improving your rankings on Google, and they can contribute greatly to your video marketing strategies.


The six social media marketing strategies that we have mentioned here are among the commonest ones used by social media marketing professionals. Once you get going with a single one or all of these video marketing strategies, you will most probably get ideas to build on these strategies.

You can add some more video marketing strategies to what we have suggested here. Spend a bit of time and effort focusing on adopting suitable strategies for executing your social media video marketing campaigns. You can ensure that your videos align with your brand and promote it to the next level.

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