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3 Main Benefits of Using Augmented Reality

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March 18, 2021

3 Main Benefits of Using Augmented Reality

3 Main Benefits of Using Augmented Reality

Even though augmented reality (AR) goes way back to the ’60s, the use of this technology just recently, in the years behind us, became a hot topic and is now available worldwide for commercial and personal use. There are many benefits to using AR that can significantly impact your business and add real value to your company.

How Can Augmented Reality Help Your Business?

AR Takes Your Products to the Customer

Big companies like IKEA and Converse recognised the marketing chance in AR years ago, so the customer can see how some piece of furniture would look like if it were actually in his house or try on a brand new model of sneakers without actually trying it on. Sephora app has an AR makeup area where the visitor can try on eye-shadow, lipstick, lashes, and their other products without even uploading a picture – it’s all done in real-time. The main thing you want to achieve here is enabling a customer to answer the question “How would this product look on me or in my house?” without making them go to the store or buy the merchandise, bring it back home, and realise it’s not a good fit. People usually don’t like to waste their time, and AR solutions are not only super entertaining but also practical.

It’s New and Exciting

Even though – as previously said – it’s not the brand new technology per se, AR just recently made a big impact and found a way to crawl into ordinary people’s lives, so it’s still considered a unique and exciting business opportunity. Nowadays, it’s all about being creative and original. Customers are always looking for something different – which is where AR finds its place. You don’t want your business to blend into the same picture as the other similar dull companies’ representations, but you do want it to head for the market forefront.

Augmented Reality

It’s Interactive, Engaging, and Creates a Personal Experience

Every customer wants to feel like they’re crucial to your business. Making a client feel important is a big part of your company’s customer service and marketing strategy. One of the great things when it comes to AR is that you can customize every user’s encounter, so they feel like you’ve taken the time to make their experience with you unique rather than offering them an all-purpose approach.

AR can be a super engaging and interactive adventure that keeps customers coming back for more if done right. Not only it’s a great way to keep the old clients entertained and interested, but it can also provide the guarantee that your company will be the first thing that crosses someone’s mind when in need of a certain product.

Wrapping It Up

Augmented reality transforms how you present new content to your customers and brings a breath of fresh air into your organisation. It does require an extra expense, and if you own a smaller business, you might have to look thoroughly into this decision. If you still decide to go for it, there is no doubt your business will prosper.

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