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Four Web Design Trends Businesses Should follow in 2020

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September 27, 2020

Four Web Design Trends Businesses Should follow in 2020

Online platforms have a massive say in how the clients or potential clients interact with your business. Hence, many companies invest in a robust online personality that mainly shines through the business’s social media handles and the website that officially belongs to the business. Today, there is a rise of people who are providing web development and designing services to the companies. If you are looking to make a website or a website designer, you should know the importance of following the latest trends if you want your website to work. 

However, there are several trends that a business can follow while designing the website; not all of them are good. Instead, the company should take time to understand the most important aspects and trends that work so that their investment is worth the hassle. Here is a glance at four web designing trends that businesses should care about when making a website.

  1. Add the video element

In today’s generation, videos have been beneficial because it gets more engagement from individuals. The Internet is turning into a video-graphic medium. As more traffic moves towards video consumption, websites should also include videos to the website if they want it to work. Sadly, video production costs more money, time, and effort.

However, videos are a powerful medium that can capture the audience while providing essential information to the clients effectively. Images can be useful for an e-commerce website selling products, but videos do an even better job with conceptual products and services. Videos have a way of taking a complicated idea and turning it into a piece of digestible and engaging information that people will be able to take passively.

If you are looking from the search engine optimization perspective, then including the video element ensures that your website racks rank higher than its competitors if the video is done right. Adding a video increases the chances of the website reaching the front page by 53 times, according to MarTech.

Overall, incorporating a video to your website can be a great addition and an essential aspect of the website. Also, it is worth the time and effort that goes into it.

  • Multimedia long-form immersive experience

Nothing brings your expertise to life like the long-form multimedia experience. Every brand has a story to tell. You must engagingly present the information for your clients.

Firstly, if you are wondering what a multimedia experience is all about, it includes videos, sounds, charts, graphs, maps, and other such elements to tell an engaging story.

Through the multimedia format, you can bring your services and products to life. A complete demonstration of how you work and the ecosystem you work in will help potential clients form an opinion about you. The idea behind this medium is to get the client hooked by assisting them in visualizing the experience that they will have while working with you.

Multimedia is a much richer format than info-graphics or blog posts.

The business’s job here is to tell the story that engages the clients. The website designer’s job is to turn that story into a palatable experience that people want to see and enjoy.

Many big names like CNN, ESPN, and Dropbox are using this method already. If you want to follow the active trends, you can invest time in the multimedia format.

  1. Web books at no cost

Having a niche business can be a curse and a blessing at the same time. It is important to remember that your potential clients are probably looking for an expert in the field to tell them important information about your work. If you have an expert in the area at your firm, who can effectively provide the appropriate information to the clients, then you have one of the best marketing methods at your disposal at no extra cost.

Here, the sales pitch does not have to be very prominent. The people interested in your information will take the time to understand the business and see if your business can give the right service.

The way to choose the content is to identify the keywords or information that your potential clients will be searching and base the content on this information.

Do not keep these website content gated. Instead, make it readily available so that your clients or potential clients can access them. If you have unique and relevant content, you will get better traffic for your website.

  • Smart content load for a better experience

The smart content load is another aspect that companies should consider. It ensures that the critical information is loaded up front, while all the other information can take its time. Each user has a limited bandwidth that is working on loading the website. You want your website to load faster because it ensures that the client stays on the site.

However, some aspects of the website take more time to load than others. With the smart content load format, you can ensure that the client quickly reaches the website and gets the page, even if all the content loading takes time. It is a crucial part that can significantly improve the number of people who stay on your website for longer.

Additional pro tip: Disable people have it more difficult than others to use computers. Hence, take the time to make your website more accessible for people with specific disabilities. It is always a plus. It helps increase the range of people who can visit your website and take advantage of your services. It costs a bit more, but if your brand wants to be more conscious of its impact, then it is a crucial addition to make.

Wrapping it up

The website’s design will affect the overall performance of the website. The design comprises the various elements that a website can have and how they are placed on the pages to ensure maximum engagement. Incorporate all these different elements into the work, and you are good to go.

Author’s Bio: I am a website designer in Dubai who has been working with Evox currently. I enjoy reading, writing, problem-solving, and utilising other creative outlets. As a website designer, I am always on the lookout for the latest information in the field to help clients get the best results when they work with my company.

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