The Top 7 Digital Agencies in Dubai

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May 28, 2019

The Top 7 Digital Agencies in Dubai

The benefits of having a winning digital marketing strategy are becoming clearer and clearer to today’s businesses. Digital marketing allows you to target specific segments all around the world for the fraction of the cost of traditional advertising alternatives.

The practice goes beyond a useful addition –it’s a necessity.

In a city like Dubai, where countless opportunities abound, it’s important to know which firms best fit your business. As countless agencies use the same buzzwords and compete over the same pool of attention, it pays to know which firms stand out.

With that in mind, let’s narrow things down to the top 7 digital agencies in Dubai.

Top Digital Agency in Dubai #1 – Igloo

Now a Dubai-based agency specializing in digital marketing, Igloo was initially established in Beirut, Lebanon. From the conceptualization of marketing campaigns, up to execution and sustaining efforts, Igloo ranks among the best digital agencies in Dubai due to the holistic marketing experience they provide.

Web design & development, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and online lead generation through pay-per-click marketing are among the extensive variety of solutions that Igloo offers.

Constantly working towards brand awareness, lead generation, and ROI maximization for their clients, Igloo has grown to dominate the digital space, whether it’s web design & optimization, or generating sales through tactical digital strategies.

Igloo has worked with a variety of small, medium, and large enterprises, including some big names like Dubai Insurance, Chicco, Movenpick Hotels, and Nissan.

Top Digital Agency in Dubai #2 – Elephant Nation

Staying ahead of the game is Elephant Nation’s secret to success. Backed by a team of explorers who are always on the lookout for the hottest trends and most innovative ideas, this company is made up of creative, bright, young minds from all over the world. Elephant Nation ranks as one of the best digital marketing outfits for its ability to execute meaningful and highly engaging user experiences across multiple platforms that are designed to launch brands.

Brand communication, brand positioning, design, advertising, social media buying, and web development are some of the key services provided by Elephant Nation.

This digital agency has an extensive portfolio of happy clients, including Reel Cinemas, LG, Ace Hardware, and Nando’s.

Image from Elephant Nation

Top Digital Agency in Dubai #3 – House of Comms

This next spot on our list goes to a group that’s considered one of the best in Dubai for its world-class perspectives that are refined by local insight, all put together to make award-winning digital marketing campaigns for their clients. House of Comms focuses on creating integrated communications, and they offer both traditional advertising & PR alongside digital marketing services.

Coming up with an integrated digital strategy, social media aggregation & display, search engine optimisation, and content production are some of the core specializations of House of Comms.

Some brands that have firsthand experience working with the agency include Virgin Atlantic Airways, Timeout Dubai, Acer, and Logitech.

Top Digital Agency in Dubai #4 – Watermelon

Established and currently thriving as one of the best digital outfits in Dubai, Watermelon takes pride in being an independent and creatively driven agency that focuses of full-integration of multidisciplinary advertising and digital marketing efforts. Guided by a mission to build strong relationships between brands and their consumers, Watermelon demonstrates in-depth knowledge of the industry by achieving both creative and measurable key performance indicators.

This agency blends creative concepts with in-depth knowledge of their clients’ trades in order to produce a holistic marketing arsenal. Their bottomline: a well-executed communication plan that yields real ROI.

Fujifilm, Monsoon, Disney Fashion, and Accessorize are among the long list of impressive clients that Watermelon has worked with.

Top Digital Agency in Dubai #5 – Socialize

Pioneering their unique brand of ‘snack-able and loveable’ content, Socialize takes pride in addressing the real time needs of their clients via integrated cross-platform solutions. Socialize sets itself apart with award-winning case studies that earned them a reputation for leading personalized marketing at scale, and enabling their clients to reach the right audience at the right time.

Influencer marketing, social media auditing, training & playbook construction, web design & development, video production, and media planning are some of the main services that this digital agency in Dubai specializes in.

Socialize has worked with brands such as Corona Extra, Splash, Haagen Dazs, and Betty Crocker.

Image from Socialize

Top Digital Agency in Dubai #6 – Acumen Advertising

The people behind Acumen Advertising identify as creative and passionate creators who offer full-service, digitally focused campaigns. Acumen is best known for always striving to deliver cross-platform marketing solutions for their clients in different industries. Media planning, web design & development, branding, 360 degree digital marketing, social media management, and software development count among their extensive list of services.

Acumen’s notable engagements include Dalma Mall, Talise Fitness, Standard Chartered, and Rotana.

Top Digital Agency in Dubai #7 – Tonic

With a continuous goal of designing to differentiate, Tonic is known for setting the bar for strong user experiences and ROI-focused media planning. Digital marketing services offered by Tonic include web development, branding, digital media buying, and traditional advertising.

Tonic helps propel their clients forward with innovative communications strategies that help businesses grow and navigate the digital world.

You can find brands such as Yaraan, Peroni, Heinz, and Flydubai among their long list of satisfied clients.


The importance of digital marketing grows with every passing day, thanks to the fact that much of life today happens online. Knowing which digital agencies can best harness and translate your company’s potential for a digital audience can prove to be both an exciting and profitable investment.

Given the fact that an agency based in Dubai has to compete with some of the world’s most creative and colorful businesses, it’s high time to discover the agency that best fits your needs. Find them on the Marketing Agency Network, a service built to connect you with the best digital marketing agencies around the world.

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