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6 Types of Graphic Design

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March 18, 2021

6 Types of Graphic Design

6 Types of Graphic Design

Graphic design represents visual communication and belongs to the creative part of the strategy in marketing (but not marketing itself). You’re telling your ideas and sending your message through colors, imagery, form, typography.

While different types of graphic design often overlap, each type requires a specific competence and technique. Most designers are specialized in one particular style. At the same time, some focus on a set of affiliated types. Still, with the constant change, everyone is trying to be adaptable and flexible.

The Look Into Different Types of Graphic Design

Environmental Design

Environmental designers’ job is to connect people to places and make time spent in a particular environment memorable. They are trying to make that time interesting, informative, and easy to steer. Some examples are retail store interiors, office branding, museum setups, public transportation navigation, etc. Environmental designers often have a background in architecture.

Publishing Design

Traditionally, publication design was reserved for print mediums, such as magazines, books, newspapers, and catalogs. However, there’s been a significant rise in online publishing, and digital versions of all of this also require somebody to design editorials, covers, layouts, and graphics. The designers specialized in this type should be familiar with printing, digital publishing, and color management.

Web Design

There are two abbreviations we often hear when talking about web design: UI and UX. User interface (UI) represents the way a user interacts with a device or application, while user experience (UX) is the way the app works. Together, they make one whole product. Since the mobile industry is going strong, mobile app designers must make sure the application has a sophisticated interface, icons that match that, and perfect art.

Web design

Packaging Design

The packaging is a great marketing tool and has multiple roles – you’re communicating with your customers while keeping the product safe and secured. Adequate packaging can boost your sale but make sure your designer has experience in print processes and understands industrial design and manufacturing.

Advertising Design

Ads are all around us. They’re coming out of the TV, shout from store shelves, and cover almost every free space in public areas. Because of that, marketing and advertisement designers are people who work on their campaigns for months since companies depend on them to influence the audience’s decision-making process. Their job is to draw people based on their needs, wants, satisfaction, and awareness.

Motion Design

Even though motion design is not new, the modern expansion happened thanks to GIFs. They’re small, practical, and don’t take up a lot of space but still eye-catching because of their movements. Besides GIFs, there are also video games, banners, applications, animated texts, etc. 3D modeling is for sure worth mentioning since that’s a trend to follow, and these experts are highly experienced people who possess not just strong computer and technical skills but can also work out lightning, effects, and animation techniques.

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, there are many options available for all aspiring designers, whether one wants to specialize in a particular area or dip into every type of design. It’s an art with a purpose, and becoming a graphic designer is a great way to leave your mark.

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