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Tips on How to Implement Email Marketing to Your Campaign

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March 19, 2021

Tips on How to Implement Email Marketing to Your Campaign

Tips on How to Implement Email Marketing to Your Campaign

There are so many creative and innovative solutions that can meet any marketing need in today’s dynamic world. Given the technology revolution and advanced tools available, some might say that email marketing is obsolete. However, it’s still a great way to become visible to your target group and maintain the relationship with your clients – you just have to use it the right way.

Tips That Can Be Helpful When Implementing Email Marketing

Use “Magnets”

You probably already have a base of your clients’ email addresses, but an email campaign is a great source of new potential customers who pay a visit to your site.

Due to all the phishing and scamming, people have become very careful when deciding whether to give any personal information, including email. That’s why you need so-called “magnets.” That can be anything that someone will see as a risk-worthy: course, webinar, template, ebook, etc.

Magnets are a great way to attract new and reward your existing clients.

Get the Timing Right

Our concentration varies during the day and the way we perceive things is not the same in the morning and during the evening. It’s in your best interest for a receiver to lay eyes on your email while his attention is high.

The studies have shown that the best day of the week to send your email is Tuesday, while the best part of the day is before noon – specifically, 11 AM.

Mobile Optimization

More than 80% of smartphone users check their email on mobile devices, which means mobile optimization is your top priority. Use responsive email templates and make sure that the buttons are visible. Make sign-up forms mobile-friendly and as easy to use as possible.

Mobile Optimization

Make the Subject Line Stick Out

When we talk about measurable results and email open rates, subject lines are the lead role. You need to be creative enough to attract attention, but at the same time, very clear and straightforward. Numbers are always a good way to spark a fly of curiosity, and a friendly tone is a must.

Design Is Very Important

In marketing, the design is everything. No matter what you’re selling or what service you’re providing, there are some universal recommendations. For example, the optimal width for emails is somewhere between 500 and 650 pixels. You should use padding, spacers, blocks, dividers and make sure the layout is divided into clear sections. Never rely on pictures to deliver the most crucial information since most users don’t load them by default. When we talk about the font, the title should be at least 22 pixels. Links must stand out, and the most important thing – if there is a response button, make sure it’s clear and visible!

Wrapping It Up

Though it may not be the most modern marketing tool, statistics show that an email campaign is still one of the most effective ways to present your services. The average email subscriber receives 13 commercial emails every day, and 99% of the people check their email daily. With the right approach, your email campaign can be a real marketing success – just make sure you cover these tips!

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