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The Top 12 Must-Have Digital Marketing Apps in 2022

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January 18, 2022

The Top 12 Must-Have Digital Marketing Apps in 2022

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Digital marketing has become the trendiest way of reaching the right audience for most businesses today. If you are also advertising your brand with the help of digital marketing, there are some marketing apps that you must have on your mobile.

The number of small businesses is exploding worldwide. With so many new brands coming up, each is struggling to get its way through the competition. But gladly, there is a great online marketing app list that can help business owners with this. Reaching the correct audience won’t be difficult if you use the right marketing app.

Various games like Book of RA are also being promoted using the wide collection of marketing apps. No matter what business you have, advertising it with the help of a good marketing app is a valid option. Are you wondering which applications we are talking about? If yes, then dive in to find out!


Do you forget to post on time, and the delay hampers your page reach? We get you! That is why you must install the Buffer app and schedule posts there to make sure that everything gets posted on time. Buffer is a fine marketing app that you can rely on at an affordable price. You can take a subscription for $99 per month for small businesses, and for large businesses, you can go for the $399 per month plan. Of course, there are other plans, depending on your needs!


Like Buffer, this marketing app lets you schedule posts for various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Even though Hootsuite is costlier than Buffer, it will give you more features, and hence, you will have to do less work. With the free plan, you can schedule up to 30 different posts in a day, which is huge!

Facebook Pages Manager

The Facebook app has many options, and finding the page has become difficult. However, thanks to the team for introducing a separate marketing app Android and iOS users can utilize to manage their business pages. Installing Facebook Pages Manager will make managing easier!

Facebook Ads Manager

Most brands go for Facebook ads these days. Downloading the free Facebook Ads Manager app will greatly help you if you have chosen this marketing technique. This marketing business app is perfect if you get timely notifications about your campaigns and manage them from your phone.


Later is another Instagram post scheduling app that most businesses use these days. You can manage more than an Instagram account with the Later app and schedule several marketing posts at once. If you want to manage just one Instagram account, it will cost $9 per month, and for managing multiple accounts, $49 per month will be the optimal price.


You don’t have to hire a professional graphic designer because this marketing app’s help is at your doorstep. Canva has got hundreds of templates to choose from for every business advertising event!

Google Ads

You should also download the Google Ads marketing-based app if you use that platform for promoting your business. This application will give you instant notifications and help you stay tuned about the campaign’s success. You can also use the app to optimize your marketing campaign and keep it running successfully. With this software, you will get to know every detail of the campaign right from your phone!


Trello is another excellent marketing app that lets you share essential blogs and documents with your team before publishing them. It makes the reviewing process easier even if you are not in your office area. Even though you can do this task by email, Trello has better features to make the task smoother. It is one of those marketing app examples that helps the overall team to collaborate on easy terms.


Keeping an eye on your ROI can be a tedious job when running multiple campaigns at once. But with this amazing marketing app, you can easily monitor what’s working the best for your brand. This application will also help you know what you need to change in your campaigns to get better results!


Entering a business without knowing about the market can be a wrong choice. But, first, you should find enough about the competitors and latest trends in the market to see what will work out the best. This marketing app’s launch, BuzzSumo, helped the business owners find out a great deal about the current market scenario!


Do you want to know which keywords are reaching your audience the most? If yes, then the Ubersuggest marketing app must be there on your mobile. It is the master application for managing the keywords of the content. It will also suggest which keywords are bringing organic or paid results. The best part is that Ubersuggest is a free marketing app!


DropBox is a marketing app cloud where you can download and store things organized. This application also helps in sharing documents easily without any hassle. Manually downloading files on your PC is a tedious task, and it also takes up a lot of unnecessary space. You can solve the problem by downloading this excellent application!

Final Word

We hope this blog has helped you learn about some of the best marketing apps in the market. There are also some marketing apps’ demo versions for those users who want to try the applications for free. Without these apps, managing the marketing of a business would have been very difficult. It’s okay if you do not know how to use these applications. You can hire a professional marketer who is an expert in the field to help you out. Managing everything alone can also be difficult, so taking help from a marketer would be a great relief. However, if you are short on budget, you can take an online course to learn how to use marketing apps. So, which of these marketing apps will you install? Do share with us!

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