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How We Found the Best Digital Marketing Firms in Dubai

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April 10, 2020

How We Found the Best Digital Marketing Firms in Dubai

Going digital isn’t an added perk anymore; it’s a must-do. With around 57% of the global population now online, there’s a reasonable sense of urgency among businesses operating around the world: build a digital presence, or lose out to your competitors.

If you’re a business looking for digital marketing in Dubai, however, it can be a real challenge to find a firm that can deliver precisely what you need, when you need it. There is, after all, a very wide range of options for businesses who are looking, each using the same or similar language to sell their services –and not all of them may be fit to serve you.

To help you find the right digital marketing firm to suit your needs, we’ve written a guide to approaching the search. The following five steps are meant to show you the right mindset while looking, and a few stops worth making along the way.

1. We Asked Around about Quality Digital Marketing Firms

Digital marketing in Dubai is a competitive scene. There are dozens upon dozens of digital marketing firms, and each one will insist that they’re the most worthy recipient of your hard earned cash.

Since what you see isn’t always what you get, we recommend chasing after referrals: testimonials and reviews from your professional contacts who have done business with agencies in the past. You’re more likely to get an honest picture from a quick chat with an acquaintance than you are browsing the web.

If you have a limited set of contacts, then you could try asking your top options for testimonials and case studies. If they can provide you with true-to-life accounts of their previous engagements, you’d still be in a better spot than if you’d taken them on blind faith.

2. We Made a Wishlist for an Ideal Digital Marketing Firm

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If you’re trying to break into digital marketing in Dubai, then you likely have an idea of what it is that you want to accomplish –be it social media activity, PPC ads, or a higher placement on Google Search.

When looking for a partner agency, we recommend putting together a wishlist of the different services (or outcomes) that you’re after. Have a look around the net for the kinds of digital marketing services available, select the handful that work best for your business model, and then plot them out on an ordered list sorted by priority.

From there, you can continue looking with a benchmark for what is an acceptable slate of services offered by a future digital partner. If you make it a point to rank your wishlist in order of priority, then you’ll have an even stronger basis when making your decision: you can press your options to see which of them truly specialize in the tasks and processes that are most critical to your business’ shift to digital marketing.

3. We Ran a Google Search to Find the Best Digital Marketing Firms in Dubai

It only makes sense that the best firms for digital marketing in Dubai would have excellent digital marketing themselves. As such, a quick Google search using a variety of keywords related to digital marketing will reveal which firms know the ropes –or at least, which ones know the ropes of SEO.

The perks of having quality SEO are significant. A high rank means a higher volume of organic traffic: users who visit your site out of genuine interest or curiosity, rather than those who were simply shown an ad. A higher rank also means greater brand equity, since top-ranking sites are associated with quality and reputability.

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The underlying principle behind this step goes further than Google: you can check and see how well they market themselves on other channels. At the end of the day, all that matters is knowing that your decision to engage with a specialist for digital marketing in Dubai should be to trust in an agency that can walk the talk.

4. We Checked Each Digital Marketing Firm’s Client List

Since you can trust the best to turn to high quality vendors for their own business needs, our next tip is to check your prospects’ websites to see if they’ve handled A-list clients in the past. A history of servicing large and popular corporations is a good indicator that the agency you’re considering is one worth the investment.

As we’ve said, digital marketing in Dubai is a vibrant space. This means that you’re bound to encounter a good number of agencies that have had experience with prominent clients. When narrowing down the list, we recommend you prioritize agencies that have engaged with businesses that match the tone or impression you’re after.

There’s more to a digital marketing firm than buzzwords and killer graphics; it pays to pay attention to the track record that each of your prospective agencies brings to the table.

5. We Looked to See Which Digital Marketing Firms were Certified

The last point on our list is often dismissed as a trivial point, but we find it to be a big assurance when looking for a firm to handle your digital marketing in Dubai.

Since today’s marketers rely on an arsenal of tools to get the job done, it’s important to know whether the digital marketing firm you’re looking to hire is versed in their use. Platforms like Sprout Social, Hootsuite, and Google Analytics are popular for a reason: they streamline common marketing tasks and in many cases, allow for precise KPI tracking.

Simple certification can save you time and frustration down the line. It guarantees that the people you end up contracting with know their way around the most reliable tools of the trade.


Digital marketing in Dubai is a challenge best faced with a reliable team of specialists behind you. We’ve outlined the five key steps to discovering the digital firm that’s best for you: seek referrals, keep a wishlist, check how well they market themselves, check their clients, and finally, see if they’re certified.

Moving forward from here, your next step is to check to see what the market has to offer. We recommend that you visit the Marketing Agency Network for an organized list of the most prominent digital marketing firms around.

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