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E-commerce has promoted online trading between businesses and customers. As such, online stores adopted optimisation techniques so that their websites can rank highly among search engine results. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) agencies help companies increase their visibility online by making changes to their websites to make them search engine friendly. With optimised sites, any searches related to your company or services will most likely appear on the first page of the search, which is desirable for any online business.

How to Choose a SEO Agency

Why do you need an SEO agency for your business?

Apart from ranking on search engine results, here are more reasons to hook up with an SEO agency near you:

  • Helps you improve the quality of traffic on your website. Essentially, you get more visitors on your website.
  • An SEO agency helps provide measurable analytics related to the growth of your business.
  • At the end of a successful SEO campaign with an SEO agency, the business benefits by having more customers and therefore more sales.

Steps to Find the best SEO agencies

SEO companies are helping online businesses make the most out of their potential clientele. As such, it is only right if you knew how to get the best SEO agencies in the region.

Here are the steps to follow in your search for such an agency:

  1. Get a Seed List

Getting a list of renowned search engine optimisation companies is the starting point. A seed list contains the names of the possible SEO partners. Reckon that this is an initial brainstorm before you can get things going. As such, you don’t need quotes from any of these search engine optimisation agencies. You can come up with this list by doing a Google search or seeking referrals from similar businesses and friends. You can also make a list of SEO agencies you know.

  1. Check their Websites

A website does not only provide information about an agency but is also an indication of their work. An SEO agency’s website should be optimized so that they can lead by example. When searching for SEO agencies, make sure their websites rank on the first page of the search engine results. This is a pointer that they can do the same for your company’s website. What’s more, take time to check the details of their homepage, accuracy of details on the About page, clients’ feedback on the Testimonial page, and the depth of their blog. These pages give you a clear picture of the SEO agency you are considering to pick for your project.

  1. Test the Strength of the SEO Agency

Now that you have had a look at each of their websites, it’s time to test their strength. This is best done using online tools such as Ahrefs and Moz’s Open Site Explorer, which are great tools to indicate the rankings of the agencies’ websites. The strength of the websites is best indicated by brand name search, major keywords search, and minor keyword search.

  1. Make Contact with the Agencies

Contact the agencies directly via email, phone call, or in-person meeting. This is the best way of letting the agencies know that you are interested in working together on an SEO project for your website.

  1. Meet the SEO Agencies

Arrange a meeting in which you will pose questions related to the strategy each agency intends to use in improving your website. The responses from each agency will give you a clue about the perfect match for your company. Ensure that the selected agency can keep in touch with you throughout the project duration.


SEO is a vital part for online businesses since it helps with the ranking of a website on search engine results. Choosing the right agency should begin with a look at their website to determine the quality of their work, followed by a one-on-one interview to evaluate the responses of the questions posed.

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