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Augmented reality has been hailed as a game changer in the marketing industry. From gaming and entertainment, AR has extended to other industries, including advertising, and is set to revolutionize the world of digital marketing. Just as VR, early adopters of augmented reality have reaped from its potential both as a marketing channel and a brand differentiator. Augmented reality marketing companies make it easier for brands to reach to their audience and has also been instrumental in leaving a lasting brand impression. A case in point is Snapchat, which quickly adopted AR to create Snapchat filters and lenses. This is an example of how brand quickly adopted augmented reality to create exciting ways of connecting with their customers.

Reasons for Adopting Augmented Reality in Marketing

  1. Increased Customer Engagement

AR is one of the marketing outlets used by brands and companies to attract the attention of customers. The more a marketing channel grabs the attention of customers, the higher the customer engagement will be. The use of AR in the marketing of a brand almost guarantees that consumers will tell others about their experience. Whenever consumers see a brand that provides an AR experience, they instantly develop the ‘great brand’ perception. Whether they want to buy such a product or not, they will feel inclined to at least check it out. In the process, more potential customers may end up buying the product.

  1. Provides a Digital Shopping Experience

Online shopping is also another area in which customers and companies are benefiting thanks to AR. Previously, online shopping presented a challenge, especially to buyers when they couldn’t get what they actually ordered. AR brought the ‘try before you buy’ experience to online shoppers. This not only increases customer engagement but also guarantees higher sales for brands and companies due to customer satisfaction. Shopping giants such as Amazon and eBay have AR view and AR app respectively to heighten the experience of online shopping for their customers.

  1. Cost-Effective Advertising

Most brands and companies still use traditional methods of marketing. Such methods may not be obsolete but would cost so much compared to AR advertising. For instance, placing an ad in the Wall Street Journal may require a company to pay up to $200,000 and rates may be higher for other national magazines. Augmented reality marketing agencies provide a more immersive and affordable form of advertising that might cost up to $100,000 in the case of a sophisticated AR campaign that uses high-quality graphics.

  1. Improved Hyperlocal Advertising

Unlike traditional hyperlocal ads, AR enables marketers to execute advanced hyperlocal advertising, which is achieved by using advanced machine learning algorithms. AR hyperlocal ads are capable of providing more information about places by showing objects on the screen of a smartphone. This way, customers are informed about a place and are also guided there. AR hyperlocal ads are therefore useful to business owners as they can help land more customers.


Augmented reality has revolutionized the marketing industry and gives marketers enormous advantages. This technology makes advertising more interactive, engaging and cost effective. With big players in the market adopting AR advertising, more brands are set to follow and make experiences such as online shopping more effective.

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