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GetLeedz allows you to set up on-site review campaigns and recommendation campaigns without any hassle at all. These reviews and recommendations will help your company garner more customers, better quality and of course – increase profits.

The more reviews you have, the more you will pop up in search results. This is because the three companies with the best review score in the area of the search will appear directly in the map displayed below the search bar. An on-site review has to immediately follow the payment process to avoid the danger of being forgotten.

At GetLeedz we rely on individualized, rather than standardized questions for our surveys. The last and most important question should always be ‘would you recommend us?’. Your customers respond to the survey via a star-based system with the option of a free text answer and publish your reviews on

GetLeedz is the central review platform that bundles all your review platforms into one. Your campaign can include Google My Business, Facebook reviews, yelp, Treatwell, tripadvisor, Trustpilot or any other review platform. Shortly after, you can expect a continuous stream of new recommendations. Over are the days where your customers had to laboriously look for a review platform for your company on the internet.

GetWin is an additional revenue booster, that allows your customers to recommend you to family and friends. These in turn participate in GetWin and receive a coupon. All they have to do is click on a link in a WhatsApp message. Meanwhile, you get more and more valuable leads. Through this, you can control the on-site demand for your shop, e.g. offer higher rewards for days with fewer customer traffic.

GetWin can be managed locally and in real-time. Our experts will help you set up the ideal campaign for your needs. Marketing agencies use the GetLeedz platform to manage their clients’ campaigns. Additionally, they can apply to become part of our exclusive expert community. Our certified GetLeedz partners are true pros at review marketing and recommendation marketing

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